Holy Spirit Families,


It was brought to our attention that an issue occurred in the neighbourhood on June 29th that required police presence. On the day of the incident, nobody at the school was made aware of the incident by the police. When we raised the issue with the senior administration, the senior liaison from our board to the Waterloo Regional Police began discussions about the incident and requested a response so our community could have a clearer understanding of what took place that day.

Please know that safety remains our paramount concern at Holy Spirit School. If our school team feels that anyone is every in any danger with the information available to us, we will implement the appropriate protocol such as ‘hold and secure’ or ‘lock down.’ We honour the sacred trust we have with our parent community and will never hesitate to take any action necessary to keep all of our children safe.

The official response from Waterloo Regional Police Service is below:

The Waterloo Regional Police Service and Waterloo Catholic District School Board continue to have strong protocols in place to keep students, staff and the community safe.  The heavy police response on June 29th in the area of Holy Spirit Catholic School was not in relation to a call at the school.  Police were notified at approximately 3:30 pm as student’s were being dismissed.  As a result, a hold and secure was not possible.

Public safety is of paramount concern for the Waterloo Regional Police Service and the increased presence on that date, including that of the Emergency Response Team, was to ensure that members of the public were not put at risk.  As you can appreciate, our initial response to the information that we had available was to mitigate any potential concern for the safety of, not only the community, but also the school.  Once the incident was determined to be a hoax, our members left the area.

As we continue to learn from situations and strive to continually improve our response to incidents, our numerous social media platforms are updated with information that our community can access in addition to the numerous media outlets in our communities.