Holy Spirit Families,

Consistent, exemplary student behaviour is something every school strives for and Holy Spirit School is no exception. The daily positive conduct of our student body is one of the qualities that sets Holy Spirit School apart from other schools in the community. We are proud of the efforts made by our staff to support families in our community as we partner with parents to help our students develop academically, while building character and nurturing faith formation.

As we continue to journey along the path of continuous improvement, we are implementing a new ‘Green Slip’ behaviour system that will support two of our community goals:

  1. Positive Student Behaviour
  2. Meaningful and Timely Communication with Parents

Essentially, we are asking all of our staff to continue to monitor student behaviour and encourage good decision making within our community. That expectation will never change. The new addition to the process is that when a student makes a choice that requires intervention from a staff member, the student is informed that their classroom teacher will receive a “Green Slip” about the incident. The classroom teacher will work with the student to make the situation right. Perhaps it is time to cool down and walk with a staff member on the yard at recess. Maybe it is an opportunity to write an apology for the behaviour. Perhaps the teacher is noticing a pattern of Green Slips and will request some increased support from the office.

Parents will not be left of out of the loop. Each time your child receives a Green Slip, a sticky label will be added to the agenda. At any time, if you have an inquiry about why your child received a Green Slip, please contact the child’s classroom teacher. They can provide you with the details of how your child was supported, and where the behavioural challenge was recognized in the school or yard. Should you notice a series of choices that have resulted in multiple Green Slip notices coming home in a day or week, we invite you to reach out to your child’s teacher. Once you have discussed the trend with the teacher, then we can work together to encourage your child as they strive to consistently make positive choices in the school and on the yard.

In the event a child makes a poor choice serious enough to warrant an immediate trip to the office, a Behaviour Incident Form will be completed and sent home to you directly. We are asking that you discuss the situation with your child, and return the form signed to the office the following day so the child can resume their normal school routine at recess breaks. Again, should you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out the classroom teacher or Principal/Vice-Principal about the situation you discussed with your child.

Example of the Behaviour Incident Form

While this system is new to Holy Spirit, it has been adopted from other local Catholic schools where it was implemented with great success. We are excited about the new process and we feel you will really enjoy the heightened level of communication around your child’s progress in their journey toward consistent, positive decision-making within our school community. This system has been communicated to our staff and students, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share this information with you over Newswire. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s classroom teacher. Thank you again for your continued support and partnership. Have a fantastic weekend filled with family, fun and friends!