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Last Week for Fall Fundraiser!

Holy Spirit Families,

Hopefully you have had a chance to purchase a savings card to support our school. This is the week to offer the opportunity to your friends, family and co-workers. Yes, it is true…if we reach our goal your child will be able to Duck Tape Mr. Dinner to the wall and Mr. Hunt will get a pie in the face. But the real win is for you! Each $20 savings card can be linked to your smartphone so you can save thousands of dollars through the year. You can also use the code to print coupons from the Treasures website.

They are great ‘stocking stuffers’ and we really believe there is value here for the members of our community. BUT time is running out! We only have 1 week left before we submit our school-wide order and enjoy the savings.

And Remember, for each $20 card sold $16 will go to support the students at our school!

A link to the order form is below, as well as to the Treasures site so you can see all of the great deals.

Thank you for joining our Staff and Parent Council as we partner to make Holy Spirit School the best place for each of our children to learn. Together, we will reach our goals!

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