Good Morning Holy Spirit Families!

Just a brief announcement to let everyone know that we will have painters around our building for the next 5 weeks repainting and touching up the common areas (hallways, staffroom etc.). The paint is safe to use during the school day and will not be used in classrooms. The technical safety information about the type of paint that will be used is in the links below.

59113 Dulux LM primer

59211 Dulux LM SG

ALSO, as a way to celebrate a successful Bullying Awareness Week and inspire us to be kind through the rest of our school year, we are asking everyone to send their children to school in a pink shirt. This is a tradition that has become popular across the globe. It started as an act of kindness and inclusion by Canadian students to support a peer who was being picked on for wearing a pink shirt. It has transformed into a symbolic reminder that ALL of our kids are accepted and belong. We hope everyone will be able to participate!