Week 3 of Advent: Joy

Advent is about preparation and reflection. At this point in the journey, we can’t help but realize that the Saviour is coming and we can experience a sense of Joy in all we do. Not the kind of joy that depends on how much we have, what car we drive or how many talents we have developed. It is the kind of joy that recognizes that Jesus came into this world because he wanted to…for us. Not for the person we are expected to become, but for the person we actually are. Simple, yet profound, unconditional love. That is the message that puts a smile on our face and that is the truth we want to convey to our students. Please join us in reminding your children this week how much they are loved and how we can experience joy as a people of faith together in the Advent Journey.

Primary and Junior Christmas Concert Monday at 1PM

Please join us on Monday at 1PM for our Primary and Junior Christmas Concert. We are asking all those in attendance to bring a donation of non-perishable food items for St. Vincent De Paul. Hope to see you there.

Christmas Turkey Lunch on Tuesday

If you haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet, please remember to pay for the Christmas Lunch via Cash Online. Also, please send a plate and utensils with your child so we can continue to keep this an Eco-Friendly event. A Huge Thank You to Parent Council for organizing the volunteers, making this possible and sponsoring the event!

Staffing Update

As Mr. Mastroianni transitions to his role as Vice-Principal, we are pleased to announce that Lisa Fossey will be returning to Holy Spirit to teach the grade 6/7 class. She is a very familiar face to Holy Spirit and we are excited to have her join us again.

Families of Holy Spirit:

It truly has been the highest honour and privilege of my career to serve as your Vice-Principal this past year and a half. The school is filled with incredible children, full of limitless potential supported by dedicated staff and remarkable parents. It brings me joy to think about the ways the world will be impacted by all that you will accomplish together. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your journey, and hope our paths cross again soon.

Mr. Hunt

P.S. Mr. Mastroianni, (or as the kids call him… “Mr. M” ) has been an incredible teacher leader at the school. I am certain if you speak with parents who have had a child in his class you will quickly learn how much he cares about Holy Spirit families and the high quality learning their children deserve. If there is any solace in leaving in the middle of the school year, it comes from knowing that Mr. M will be an excellent partner for you in your children’s education as we carry on the important work to be done as a community together.

Parish Update From St. Ambrose

Confessions before Christmas at St. Ambrose Church: 

Friday, Dec 21 6pm-7pm 

Saturday, December 22 9am – 10am 

Every Saturday 9am-10am 

Every Wednesday 6pm-7pm


St. Ambrose Church Christmas Masses 

Christmas Eve – December 24th 6:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 12:00 midnight 

Christmas Day – December 25th 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. 

Hot Lunch Orders

Many students choose to participate in our hot lunch program. Each Wednesday we have a different vendor and every Friday is Pizza Day. Please do not feel obligated to participate in every hot lunch offering that we provide. However, when you choose to use the service, all of the proceeds go directly to programs that enhance the educational experience of all students at Holy Spirit School. All are welcome to participate when it works for your family.


 Monday, December 17th 

  • Primary and Junior Christmas Concert in the Afternoon Starting at 1:00PM
    • We will be accepting Non-Perishable Food Donations for St. Vincent De Paul

Tuesday, December 18th

  • Turkey Lunch. Remember to Bring Your Own Plates and Utensils!

Wednesday, December 19th

  • Reading Club
  • Dufflebag Theatre Group Performing at Holy Spirit
  • Hot Lunch: Subway

Thursday, December 20th

  • EcoClub in library at Lunch

Friday, December 21st

  • JOY DAY. Parents welcome to attend the performance. There is a viewing section for parents and there is a separate section for staff supervising the children. We hope you can join us if you have a student in intermediate participating in Ballroom.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas with your friends and families. We look forward to seeing everyone back in the New Year!

Looking Ahead Beyond this week… 

  • Grade 7 Menengitis Gr. 7 Immunizations (January 10th)
  • Mrs. Smyth, White and Martins Classes go to Shades Mill (January 11th)
  • Family of Schools Pathway Night at St. Vincent De Paul (January 16th @ 6:30PM)
  • First Communion Parent Meeting @ St. Ambrose Church (January 24th @ 6:30PM)
  • P.D. Day (January 25th)