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The Week Ahead Feb 26 to Mar 2…

Our Lenten Journey Continues…

We are excited for all of the wonderful things happening at Holy Spirit School. Though we are into semester 2 of the journey, we experience the call during Lent to reflect on how we can reconnect with God in a greater and more meaningful way. One of the ways we encourage our students to live out their faith is by supporting each other and working together to make sure Holy Spirit school is a kind and welcoming place for everyone. As you pray, fast and give generously as a family during this Lenten season, the Holy Spirit community is journeying alongside you as well. So many exciting things ahead!

Congratulations to Our Grade 2 Students!

So many of our grade 2 students participated in the sacrament of first reconciliation. We appreciate the leadership of our grade 2 teachers and pastoral team for supporting all of us along our spiritual journey. Below is an image of the reconciliation that took place this past week. Notice how the gym has been transformed from an arena of competition to a calm space of contemplation. The pastoral team takes care of removing distractions so our students can experience the joy of this sacrament.

Board-Wide Pink Shirt Day-February 28th

Although we previously celebrated Pink Shirt Day during our Anti-bullying week in November, the official day worldwide is February 28th. The story behind the day is a Canadian one and it is pretty Awesome. See the link below for more details. Look forward to seeing you in pink on Wednesday!

Great Spiritual Resource for Parents of Students in Grade 4

Our board has invested in a very high quality resource to support our students as they learn about their faith. In the grade 4 year, there are many online resources such as stories and videos which can be accessed from home. All parents are welcome to access this resource, but this particular link is related to the grade 4 curriculum. Please explore and use as a support as we partner in the faith development our Holy Spirit Students.

Growing in Faith Resource

News from St. Ambrose Parish

Children’s Liturgy  at 11:00 am Mass on Sundays
At the beginning of Mass children will be invited to come forward to follow the leader downstairs to our Children’s Liturgy room. At the offertory, the children will return upstairs and sit as a group in the front pews for the remainder of Mass. No registration required.  (FYI, It will not be held on the Sundays of our Children’s Masses.)

Monday, February 26th

  • Girls’ Volleyball Practice at Lunch
  • Grade 6 Math Contest in Computer Lab at Lunch
  • Boys’ Basketball Regional Playoffs. Let’s Go Flames!

Tuesday, February 27th

  • Girls’ Volleyball Practice @ 8AM
  • Grade 4 Junior Intramurals at Lunch
  • Lego/Colouring Club in Mrs. White’s room at Lunch
  • Grade 8 Math Contest in Computer Lab at Lunch
  • Shrove Tuesday Pancake Breakfast
  • Classroom Valentine’s Exchange

Wednesday, February 28th

  • Pink Shirt Day – Stand up to bullying!
  • Boys’ Basketball Practice @ 8AM
  • Folk Dance Practice at Lunch
  • Lego/Colouring Club in Mrs. Rose’s room at Lunch
  • Reading Club in the Library at Lunch
  • Parent Council Meeting at 6:30 PM. All are welcome to attend.
  • Pita Pit Lunch

Thursday, MARCH 1st

  • Boys’ Basketball Practice at Lunch
  • Girls’ Volley Ball Practice at 8AM

Friday, March 2nd

  • Pizza Day for Lunch
  • Folk Dance Practice at 8AM
  • Grade 7 Intramurals at Lunch

Looking Ahead Beyond this week… 

  • Daylight Savings Time (March 11)
  • March Break (March 12-16)
  • Fitness Frenzy Kick Off Assembly (March 28th)
  • Holy Thursday (March 29th)
  • Good Friday (March 30)
  • Easter Sunday (April 1)
  • Easter Monday (April 2)
  • Holy Spirit School Easter Mass (April 10th)
  • First Communion Mass at St. Ambrose (April 14th)
  • Fitness Frenzy Fundraising Event (April 18th)
  • Catholic Education Week Begins (May 7th)
  • Track and Field (May 10th and 11th)
  • Mother’s Day (May 13th)
  • Victoria Day (May 21st)
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