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The Week Ahead…January 29 to February 2

Welcome February!

As we enter the last week of January and look forward to a new month of learning, there is much to be grateful for. In our parent council meeting this past week, there was a sense of joy and excitement around the exciting things happening at Holy Spirit school and an eagerness to collaborate on the fun community building events in the future. From Strong Start reading volunteers to parents helping out at a council event, we are a richer community because of your dedication and support. Thanks for continuing to partner with us in your child’s Catholic education.

Our Lenten Journey is about to begin…

This time of year has us focus on three important themes.  They include: 1. Prayer and Penance (Sacrament of Reconciliation), 2. Fasting (i.e. eating less at times) and Abstinence (i.e. not eating meat on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, turning off the TV, etc.) and 3. Almsgiving (i.e. helping out those less fortunate through financial support or items needed). As we journey through this season together, the staff at Holy Spirit will create many opportunities to practice our faith in tangible ways in order to deepen our understanding of what it means live a faith-filled life in community.

Toronto Wildlife Centre Visiting Holy Spirit School Monday!

Our Eco-Team has invited a group from the Toronto Wildlife Centre to present to our community on Monday. They are an organization which rescues local wildlife and align with the stewardship values that the Eco-team embodies. Please consider supporting this wonderful organization as they are visiting our school tomorrow. A link to the Eco-Team poster advertisement is below

Eco Team Toronto Wildlife Campaign Poster

Family Science Night This Thursday!

We would like to invite all of our families to drop in to Holy Spirit School from 6 to 8 PM this Thursday evening for our Family Science Fun Night! We will have facilitators on site from the University of Waterloo and they will be leading some activities geared for all ages. Parents can come with children of all ages and visit the facilitators or explore some independent science stations as well.

There will be 6 stations focused on the following:

  • The Physics of Friction Racing Sleds
  • Aerodynamics and Glider Building
  • Laws of Motion and Crash Testing
  • Soundproofing and Soundwave Investigation
  • Germ Detection and UV Scanners
  • Ipads, Coding and Programming Skills

We hope you are able to drop in for a portion of the evening and have some fun as a family. A special thank you to Parent Council for organizing this wonderful event for our Holy Spirit Community!

See Flyer: Family Science Night Flyer

Lego and Colouring Club looking for Donations…

We would like to create a space for our primary students to spend some time having fun at lunch if they are not interested in spending the entire 40 minute lunch recess outside. Mrs. Rose and Mrs. White are creating a colouring and Lego building club and they would appreciate any extra Lego or Colouring books that your family is no longer using. Your donation will make a real difference in building community among some of our younger students at Holy Spirit School. Please send the materials to Mrs. White’s room. Thank you for your help!


Shrove Tuesday, February 13th…

Shrove Tuesday has traditional roots in our faith, where in England and many other countries, the festival is widely associated with the eating of rich foods made with eggs, sugar and butter, such as pancakes on the day prior to Ash Wednesday.  Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent and a prolonged period of fasting, so it was common place to enjoy a day of sweets and treat before Lent started.  As a school spirit and faith event, all JK/SK-Gr. 6 students will receive a pancake breakfast on Tuesday, February 13th.

Classrooms will be served from the gym and will be called down between 9:20-11 AM.  Students are encouraged to bring their normal snacks and even a light lunch on this day in case they are in a class that eats early and are extra hearty eaters.  Holy Spirit is an Eco-school –  please bring a plate and utensils for this meal – thanks Eco-club! A special thanks also goes out to our awesome School Parent Council for helping us with this special event!!

NOTE: Since Ash Wednesday falls on February 14th, we would like our community to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, February 13th so we can keep Wednesday, February 14th as a Holy day of obligation. Thank you for your support on this as partners in the spiritual development of all of our children.

Monday, January 29th

  • Toronto Wildlife Centre Presentation
  • Girls’ Volleyball Practice at Lunch
  • Girls’ Volleyball Game at St. Francis School Afterschool

Tuesday, January 30th

  • Girls’ Volleyball Practice @ 8AM
  • Boys’ Basketball Practice @ Lunch
  • CARE First Aid Training to Grade 8s in the Afternoon

Wednesday, January 31st

  • #BellLetsTalk Day
    • Please allow your older children to bring a device if they possess one for the purposes of a brief morning activity in support of mental health and reducing stigma around seeking help.
    • We will be giving students in our upper grades the opportunity to tweet/post positive messages that will help raise money for this very important cause.
  • Boys’ Basketball Practice @ 8AM
  • Boys’ Volleyball Game After School PR @ Holy Spirit School
  • Girls’ Volleyball Game @ St. Augustine School
  • Swiss Chalet Hot Lunch

Thursday, February 1st

  • Girls’ Volleyball Practice @ 8AM
  • University of Waterloo Family Science Night TONIGHT at Holy Spirit from 6 to 8 PM See Flyer: Family Science Night Flyer

Friday, February 2nd 

Groundhog Day is a tradition celebrated on February 2 in the United States and Canada. According to folklore, if it is cloudy when a groundhog emerges from its burrow on this day, it will leave the burrow, signifying that winter will soon end. If on the other hand, it is sunny, the groundhog will supposedly “see its shadow” and retreat back into its burrow and winter will continue for six more weeks.  Some are hoping for the warm weather to return soon so lets hope that “Wiarton Willy” does not see his shadow.  But keep your winter coats and boots handy for 6 more weeks –  just in case!

Looking Ahead Beyond this week… 

  • Shrove Tuesday (February 13th) *Celebrating Valentine’s Today in Classes*
  • Ash Wednesday & Valentine’s Day (February 14th)
  • First Reconciliation Mass at St. Ambrose (February 15th)
  • Family Day (February 19th)
  • Lenten Confessions (February 23rd)
  • March Break (March 12-16)
  • Fitness Frenzy Kick Off Assembly (March 28th)
  • Holy Thursday (March 29th)
  • Good Friday (March 30)
  • Easter Sunday (April 1)
  • Easter Monday (April 2)
  • Holy Spirit School Easter Mass (April 10th)
  • First Communion Mass at St. Ambrose (April 14th)
  • Fitness Frenzy Fundraising Event (April 18th)
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