An Incredible Week Ahead…

Holy Spirit Families: We have been working towards filling our Spirit Meter with Pom Poms by being kind and filling each other’s buckets. Well…the big reward is here! This week on Friday (June 15th) we will be going to movies as a school to see the Incredibles 2! We are funding our buses with proceeds from our food days and support from our parent council. Thank you!

We have well over half the school with tickets already purchased through cash-online. Each ticket is $7 and for every student ticket purchased, a parent ticket can be purchased as well. If you have not purchased your child’s ticket through cash online, please do so ASAP. As stated, all students will travel by bus and we have busing available for chaperones. However, we know many parents will want to meet us directly at Landmark Cinemas. Should you choose to drive yourself there, please let the office and your classroom teacher know that you will meet us at the theatre for 10 AM.

The concession will not be open, so please have your child eat a good breakfast in the morning so they will be set to go when we load the buses shortly after the bell rings and we take attendance. So many students have been looking forward to this reward day, and we hope to see every student in our community be a part of the celebration.

Badminton Champions…

Our Badminton team crushed the competition at their recent tournament at Monsignor Doyle. All of those after school clinics and lunch time practices really paid off. Number 1 school in the league! Well done FLAMES! Special thanks to Mrs. Hersh and Mr. Jacobi for leading the team to victory!

The following students were AWESOME team members: Adam C., Daniela C., Chris C., E.J. D., Amanda D., Aryana F., Damien F., Agata G., Ephram G., Anton G., Ruth J., Zachary M., Brayden M., Grace N., Sammy P., Mateo R. Victoria R., Martina S., and Aiden W.

Cake-For-A-Change Mission Day…

After consultation with staff about our annual mission day, we are really excited to try a new format for the day. On June 22nd, we are going to hold a Cake Walk and we are inviting any staff and parents that want to join in to bake or purchase a cake that will be raffled off to benefit families in need within our Holy Spirit Community. Additional information and Ticket order forms will be going home tomorrow, but parents will have the option of using Cash Online to purchase raffle tickets. This will be SWEET day for our community!

Kinbridge Community Sports Night Returns Thursday!

Our trial run will continue to run for the month of June, but we hope to continue this community evening in the Fall starting in September.

 See Flyer for Details.

Holy Spirit Sports Night FLYER


Update from St. Ambrose Parish

Children’s Mass will be held on Sunday, June 17th at 11:00 am. Families with young children are invited to attend this Mass.  Children will be invited to sit in the Sanctuary for the homily.  Everyone welcome!

Monday, June 11th

  • Grade 3 Trip to Waterloo Region Museum Doon Heritage Village
  • PALS Primary Activities at Last Recess.
  • Intermediate Talent Show Try-Outs

Tuesday, June 12th

  • Junior Girls’ 3-Pitch Practice at Lunch
  • Junior Talent Show Try Outs
  • PALS Primary Activities at Last Recess
  • Mrs. Mederak and Mrs. Thornton’s classes go to the Safety Village

Wednesday, June 13th

  • Primary Running Club @ Lunch
  • Prayer Club Led by Mrs. Gingerich
  • Primary Talent Show Tryouts
  • Mrs. McNally and Mrs. Rose’s classes go to the Safety Village
  • Hot Lunch Quesada

Thursday, June 14th

  • Mrs. Staples class goes to the Safety Village
  • Junior Girls’ 3-Pitch Practice at Lunch

Friday, June 15th

  • Pizza Lunch

Looking Ahead Beyond this week… 

  • Father’s Day (June 17th)
  • Junior 3 Pitch Tournament (June 18th)
  • Year End Mass (June 19th)
  • Grade 2 Class to Montana’s (June 20th)
  • Kindergarten Celebration (June 21)
  • Cake-For-A-Change Mission Day (June 22nd)
  • Final Report Cards Go Home (June 26)
  • Graduation Mass (June 27th)
  • Year End Talent Show (June 29th)