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Track and Field Tomorrow – Reminders


Our Holy Spirit School Track and Field Meet is a GO for tomorrow (Friday, May 11th) – here are a couple of reminders re us having a great day … thanks for your support and a special thanks goes out to our Coaches, Staff, Parent Volunteers and Msgr. Doyle for hosting!!!

  1. Bibs – each student will have an athletes bib this year with a number and name – very cool!
  2. Hoody – tomorrow will be sunny but may start off very cold – dress the children in layers with a HOODY, track pants possibly and then as the day warms up, they will likely be good in a t-shirt and shorts …
  3. Pizza Day – tomorrow is a Pizza Day so all of our Gr. 4-8 classrooms will have their pizza delivered to Msgr. Doyle to be handed out when we take our lunch break from competition
  4. Back Pack – this is a great idea for each student to pack a back pack with: lunch, snacks, lots of water, sun hat, sun screen, blanket to sit on, deck of cards, book to read, spinners, etc. – will be a full day so being prepared is important
  5. Technology – we understand that our student love and thrive with technology – that said, there is a time and place for everything and a track meet is not one the best place for technology – the students will need to remain alert to hear events called and then run, jump, etc. – we would hate to see their expensive phone or ipad go missing while they are competing or them miss an event with ear buds in, or damaged if rain or wet weather pops up … so all technology should remain at home to ensure a great day – please send other activities that help pass the time (cards, book, spinner, sketch book, etc.)
  6. Walking to and from Msgr. Doyle – we will walk to and from on Myers Rd. on the opposite side of the street from the school
  7. Athlete Corral – Students/Athletes will be in a zone in the middle of the field called the “Athlete Corral” – this area will be marked by cones and helps us re making announcements to the students that can be heard so they know where to go as well as supervision throughout the day, for lunch, etc. as well as help with spectators not crossing the track during races.
  8. Bleachers – the Bleachers are for parents and visitors  – please join us and watch, cheer, support! You will be able to see your child compete and your presence is a wonderful addition to our day – if you need to speak to your child – let a staff member know and we will find your child in the corral and ensure they get to meet you on the Bleacher’s side of the track.
  9. Participation – Last but most important – this is not about winning but about participating and experiencing a track and field experience. This is an event that ALL students in the WCDSB from Gr. 4-8 participate – the goal is learning and participating. We will be positive and supportive of everyone’s efforts no matter what place they finish – a great life lesson!


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