Hello Holy Spirit families. We wish all of you a blessed summer filled with good health, lots of sunshine and all of God’s blessings.  It has been a year like no other. Our faith in God and in one another has allowed us to persevere.

We bid farewell to several staff members who are moving on to different journeys in their lives.

To Mme. DiGiantomasso and Mr. Dosen, we wish you health and happiness as you embrace the wonderful world of retirement and all of the joys it has to offer. You have made an indelible mark on this community and you will be missed.

To Mrs. Cunningham, Mrs. Freitas and Mademoiselle Kim,  who are moving on to different teaching positions within the WCDSB. We wish you well and we know that you will make an impact wherever you go.

To Ms. Robson, we thank you for all that you have done to support our students and families over the last few years. We wish you well on your new journey.

To Ms. Gomes, Mr. Clouthier and Ms. Walker. You have been wonderful additions to our Holy Spirit community! We wish you all the best moving forward and we hope our paths cross again.

Be well, everyone. May God bless each of you and your families.


Take time to claim your strength;
they are gifts of God.

Take time to have fun;
it’s God’s way of teaching you your strengths.

Take time to grow yourself;
only you can grow you.

Take time to trust yourself;
God trusts you.

Take time to be self-reliant;
it is better than being dependent.

Take time to share with others;
they will bless you, and you will bless them.

Take time to have hope,
you are a child of God.

Let’s put ourselves into the hands of the Lord,
and pray that God will bless us and our families
during the wonderful months of summer.
May we all help make our home a place of relaxation,
joy, love, peace and safety.
May we be generous and considerate,
not thinking only about ourselves,
but helping others enjoy the blessings of a summertime.

Lord God, Creator of all things,
guide our steps and strengthen our hearts,
during these months of summer and vacation days.
Grant us refreshment of mind and body.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.